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Mobile Marketing


Mobile Marketing Made Easy!

Yote mobile marketing presents your message to prospective customers on demand!

"Today's buyers are the go!" You have to reach them wherever they are and whenever they are ready to pay attention. And you have to reach them on whatever device they are using. That's a BIG challenge!

Fortunately, we know how.

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Education & Training


Delivering on Many Platforms!

Dr. Mark Winegar has extensive experience delivering training on the Web with LMS (Learning Management Systems) ranging from BlackBoard to Moodle. And he's created hundreds of training videos too!

"There is no reason people can't learn in the field today!" Workers and students can get the information they need using smartphone, tablets, and portable computers. All they need is a connection to the Web.

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Everyone has their talents. Ours is software.

Yote.Biz is searching for strategic partners interested in helping others leverage the mobile web to disseminate information and grow business. We need influential people actively involved in their community to represent us and sell our services.

Newspapers, radio stations, and television stations are of special interest.

Our partners enjoy a full share of the revenue. Income is only limited by the extent of their abilities and efforts.

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